Treat Acne (and Prevent Disease) By Cutting This Out of Your Diet

Treat Acne (and Prevent Disease) By Cutting This Out of Your Diet
Acne is an epidemic skin disease of industrialized countries, reaching prevalence rates of over 85 percent of teenagers. In nearly half of American men and women, acne even continues after adolescence and into the third decade of life. Acne is …

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Generally, acne occurs when dead skin cells combine with the skin's natural oil, clumps together inside the pore and creates an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. Other factors that could also instigate acne are age, skin care products …
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Acne Demystified
Diet: The role of diet in acne is controversial as the result of research is contradicting. Acne is definitely not caused by diet. Nevertheless, if you have acne, it is best to avoid milk and food with a high glycemic index as they may increase acne by …
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