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Diet Swap Shows How Junk Food Might Give You Cancer
Just a two-week diet swap shows just how bad a Western diet of junk food is for us. Americans who ate a traditional South African menu for two weeks showed big changes in their digestive system. And, frighteningly, South Africans who ate the foods …

Fast food kills gut bacteria that can keep you slim, book claims
In one study discussed in the book, Spector enlisted his 23-year-old son, Tom, who agreed to spend 10 days eating nothing but McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries, burgers and Coca-Cola. “Before I started my father's fast food diet there were about 3500 …
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Processed Foods May Kill Off Bugs that Keep You Thin
Piling your plate with fast food will pile on the pounds—that much isn't a surprise. But new research sheds more light on exactly how eating processed food wrecks our bodies, starting with some of our smallest parts: our gut bacteria. Tim Spector, Ph …
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