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Why Pulitzer Prize-winner Jhumpa Lahiri quit the US for Italy
“This is not something that popped out of nowhere — it's not that I decided all of a sudden to go on a crazy grapefruit diet,” she says, recalling her “20-year-slog” of studying Italian of her own accord in New York with private tutors. In her latest …
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61% of Your Calories Are From Highly Processed Food: Study
And almost 1,000 calories a day of person's diet come solely from highly processed foods. Not all processed food is the same, however. The USDA classifies processed food as any edible that's not a raw agricultural commodity, so even pasteurized milk …
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Recharge your diet this spring
And springtime is a popular time to lose weight because of the upcoming warmer weather. Detox and similar diets have been around for ages. As early as the 1930s, the grapefruit diet promised quick weight loss because of some sort of fat-burning enzymes …
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Can a Flexitarian Diet Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms?
"There have been no real large-scale clinical studies that have looked at the effects of different types of diets on arthritis symptoms," notes Mahsa Tehrani, MD, a rheumatologist with the Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinical Center in Vienna, Virginia …
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