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Inside Out: Does the Blood Type Diet work?
Lets face it, we all have different basic nutritional needs, which is why for many of us, the one-size-fits-all fad diets don't work. But, what if you personalized your diet — say to your blood type — would you experience better results? Many seem to …
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Fast Facts about Blood Health and Diet
Blood is the biggest organ in our body and blood health is often overlooked. As a hematologist, I often get questions about diet especially whether there are special nutrients that would boost the blood counts. Although there is no one special food or …
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IndyCar's Charlie Kimball: 'There's no gas in the gas tank'
This up-and-coming race car driver got the diagnosis: Type 1 diabetes. His body wasn't producing enough insulin, or in some cases, any insulin at … He has to manage his pancreas with insulin and a strict diet. Everything about diabetes now makes …
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