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Your 1-Day Anti-Aging Diet
Eating a healthy diet does more than just keep your body fit, it keeps your skin healthy as well. From good fats that supply essential oils to antioxidants that fight off free-radical damage, eating right is the key to staying young. In fact, eating …
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Cher, 69, Shares Vegetarian Diet, Anti-Aging Beauty And Workout Secrets
Cher celebrated her 69th birthday on May 20, and looks fantastic, thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Cher's anti-aging fitness and beauty secrets are a vegetarian diet and five-day-a-week workouts, Examiner reported. Cher, who has …
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Anti-aging? Try these top 10 foods
For centuries, the quest for a longer life has led seekers to far-off places, expensive products and magic potions. The anti-aging movement today has morphed into a multibillion-dollar industry that draws people to the skin cream counter, the spa or …
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