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Dr. Brett Hurteau: How to prevent and treat acne
Diet may also exacerbate acne. It is felt that the natural hormones in milk may lead to excessive oil production. Also, there is no evidence that chocolate increases acne. Family history in close relatives is a risk factor. There is no association …

Health Q&A: how do I get rid of back acne?
Change your diet. All dairy products can exacerbate acne, so cutting these out is the best place to start. Gluten, the protein in wheat, barley and rye, is another culprit. Keep refined carbs and sugars to a minimum, to reduce inflammation. Consider …

Does Spirulina Help With Acne? Here's My Experience
I wasn't one of those people who adopted a plant-based diet and got flawless skin as a result. I tried my best counting my macros and making sure I drank a ton of kale/spinach smoothie concoctions, but nothing worked for me. Unfortunately, cystic acne …
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