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Thermogenic and Antioxidant Blend contains clinically researched level of Green Tea extract and caffeine to increase burning of fat and calories
Easy Cleanse and Detox Blend contains Psyllium Fiber, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Sweet Fennel
Burn more calories with with powerful Green Tea EGCG
Feel energized while you cleanse and detoxify
Reduce bloating to help you look – and feel – better

Mixed reviews:


I am a gym instructor and took this to cleanse my body (not really for the weight loss). When I take it I feel like my body has more energy and my workouts tend to be better. Added to my workout routine it really boost my metabolism. I highly recommend it. You have to workout though it won’t work on its own. Cardio and abdominal excercises work best.
Bought this product to try. Whenever I get a new product i start off light the directions day 2 a day i started with one then took 1 the next day. But instead of cleansing me it constipated me.

I have been using this for a few weeks. At first the extra caffeine boost made me jittery, but I scaled back on my coffee, and now that’s under control. I have definitely noticed a decrease in appetite since on the pills, but not sure it’s helping me lose weight. Since I’m not as hungry, I now tend to use my head to tell me when to eat instead. I lost a few pounds initially, but gained them back. Eating sensibly and exercising throughout. The biggest problem with the pills for me was some unexpected diarrhea. I am way too old/young to be wearing a diaper! I’ve never experienced that before, except from colonoscopy fluids. Would suggest trying one pill a day, instead of the recommended two.


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