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You can’t really go a day without scrolling through Instagram and seeing pictures of delicious fruit organized in the most aesthetically pleasing manner from #people who are following the 80/10/10 diet. It seems like every person out there is jumping on the raw food train and feels ecstatically happy about it! This meal plan follows the rule of your diet consisting of 80 percent carbs from fruits and leafy vegetables, 10 percent protein from nuts and 10 percent fat from #avocado and coconut. Whether you want to try out 80/10/10 diet is up to you, but here are some #things you should know beforehand.

When it comes to the 80/10/10 diet, it is recommended to eat large portions of one type of fruit rather than little portions of an array of choices. This is because it is easier for your #body to digest one type of fruit than many; in fact this is actually the optimal way to digest food effortlessly! You might have heard of a #woman who eats 30 bananas as one monomeal. It’s a little dramatic and insane but apparently it works!

A diet that requires you to thrive on fruits and vegetables doesn’t have enough calories to meet your normal daily intake, so it’s important that you start increasing your calorie intake. Plus the #calories from fruits get easily burned down, so unless you want to feel lethargic the whole day, it’s time to stock up on fruits!

Cooked food is inconvenient and #time consuming but it is downright delicious! Unfortunately, if you are trying to give this diet a shot, you have to part with anything that is cooked. This diet is all about raw food, which means you have to consume your food the way it grew on trees or the way it came out of the ground!


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