Healthy summer barbecue makeover

Healthy summer barbecue makeover
But how can you enjoy the classics without all the calories? Dr. Laura Christoph, Professor of Nutrition shared some barbecue options that won't ruin your diet and keep you feeling healthy. Barbecue Makeover Planning and navigating a barbeque can … 4 …

Letter: A tongue-in-cheek look at the odds
If you exercise and watch your diet, you can lose five pounds in two weeks. If you even think about eating a chocolate chip cookie, you will gain two pounds overnight. 6. There is a 10 percent chance politicians will follow through on campaign promises …

iPad: Best Free and Paid Apps
As a result, Google has its fingers in many cookie jars and is determined to be among the top-performing as well as earning businesses in the world. 4. Facebook from Facebook, Inc–This app is a king among social media platforms. Facebook is a leader in …
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The Real Democratic Primary: Hillary Versus the Media
Beth Lilly, 29, remembers the first time she felt like the media was doing Hillary Clinton wrong: It was in 1992, when she was just about six years old, and remembers that people weren't happy about Hillary's chocolate-chip cookie recipe. The incident …
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