Beyonce eats meat and call herself Vegan ? Progressive or offensive ?

Beyonce eats meat and call herself Vegan .
Fans were quite aware of Beyonce’s self proclaimed vegan diet transformation after her announcement on Good Morning America earlier this week. But it appears, Beyonce might not be a real vegan in reality.

In a longer version of the 22 Days Nutrition video announcement we saw on Monday, she says, “In a video explaining her new diet, she said: ‘Now, you know, I still eat meat and it’s all about balance, but absolutely I make better choices.

Yep, you read that right. Beyonce still eats dead animals! Fast forward to 3:48 for the jaw dropping aside.

Is this just a money making plot to cash in on the popularity of Veganism ?

So not only did she psych all her fans out about her “big announcement” on GMA, but it turns out she’s not even vegan. Get it together, Bey!


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