Now that we have talked a good deal of the LA Locksmith, and their endevours, let’s throw some light on the Beverly Hills Locksmith. The name Beverly Hills is a very household name. To state in short, it is a city in Los Angeles , California, United States. It is home to numerous Hollywood celebrities. To live in Beverly Hills, is like living in the lap of luxury. To be specific, Beverly Hills is bordered on the northwest by the Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Mountains, on the east by West Hollywood, and on the south by the Beverly wood. The “Platinum Triangle” of affluent neighborhoods & citizen is formed by the city of Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Unlike the whole of LA & many other places, Beverly Hills too poses her own local locksmiths. Amongst them stands tall the Lock & key company – the Beverly Hills Locksmith. Alike the LA Locksmith, Beverly Hills Locksmith too provides extensive lock services for homes & commercials. They too work for 24 x 7 days, all 365 days with a slight disparity of time. They respond within 15 – 20 minutes & complete their work within speculated timeframe of 30 minutes. There are exceptions for heavy machines. The difference of the two makes time consumptions is the area covered. The Beverly Hills Locksmith covers a smaller area to that of the LA Locksmith. They mainly cover Beverly Hills, Century City, Brentwood & some neighboring areas.

Making your ground in front of a giant of the same industry – the LA locksmith, isn’t a child’s play. One has to cope up, and learn the rule of “survival of the fittest”. As a result of covering a small area, the customers of the Beverly Hills Locksmith are just a handful & their reputation depends upon their repeated customers who become their referrals to friends & families. To talk in their own words “they do not compromise on three things: home, car & high level services, the customer is accustomed to.”

The lines ahead told by the housekeeping department of Jennifer Aniston, has helped break the ice. “Great Selection! They have a great selection of nuts and bolts. I needed a specialized square nut which they had in stock (for 30 cents). But I was very impressed by the selection similar items. Much better than many Home Depot. I love them. This company treated me very well. There customer service was excellent and so was the price they charged me. I am very pleased with there services. There guy installed deadbolts too for me.”

Locally they are better known as the professional Local Locksmith services. Their diligent and genuine services, belief in customer relationship, have brought them to what they are today. Beverly Hills Locksmith is much younger to that of the LA locksmith, and follows a similar trend. They too maintain departments, like the Commercials locksmiths, Regular solvers & the armatures. The commercial dept. takes care of the commercial locks & exit bars, be it manual or any electrical security system. Regular solves are meant for domestic help & the armatures for light automobiles like cycles or manual locks.

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